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When can I buy the Liberty 1911?

Kits will begin shipping March 2018.

Where can I buy the Liberty 1911?

Brownells and the Glockstore will be carrying kits at launch.

Can I place a preorder for a Liberty 1911 kit?

Our dealers aren’t taking preorders at the time, however SUBSCRIBE to our e-mail list, as that’s the first place we will announce any pre-orders.

How much are Liberty 1911 kits?

Suggested retail prices are:
Liberty 1911 Frame Kits – $139
Reusable Jig – $29
Frame Completion Kit – $75
Ambidextrous Upgrade Kits – $75
Complete Top End Kits – Starting at $259
“One Gun, One Box” Complete Kits – Starting at $399

What are in the kits?

Liberty 1911 Frame Kits – Frame, backstrap, slide rail inserts, thumb safety insert, mag catch & spring
Reusable Jig – Two piece jig with hardware, all needed drill bits and cutters
Frame Completion Kits – All pins, springs, and small parts to complete the frame and fire control
Ambidextrous Upgrade Kits – Thumb safety, slide stop, and magazine release
Complete Top End Kits – Slide, barrel, sights, recoil system, and all other small parts to complete the top end
“One Gun, One Box” Complete Kits – A matching Liberty Frame Kit, Lower Completion Kit, and Complete Top End kit to eliminate accidental purchase of wrong size or caliber parts. Liberty Prime premium kits may swap in ambidextrous or match grade parts, eliminating the cost of duplicates when purchasing a la carte.

Why is the jig separate? Why not include it with every frame kit?

We could price our frame kits at $169 and force customers to buy a jig with every purchase, however because our jigs are reusable, we thought it better to pass the savings onto our customers and price our frame kits at $139.

"One Gun, One Box" Complete Kit isn't really everything I need to begin shooting?

When we say complete we mean it’s every part needed to build a complete gun.Here’s everything else you’ll need the following to get out on the range:
Reusable Jig to complete the frame build.
Quality 1911 single stack magazines in a caliber that matches your new Liberty 1911
Quality ammunition in a caliber that matches your new Liberty 1911
Quality lubrication and cleaning products for maintaining your new Liberty 1911
Eye and ear protection
A gun lock, lock box, or safe to secure your firearm when not in use (consult your state laws for more information)

What other manufacturers parts work with the Liberty 1911 frames?

Our frames are designed to the M1911-A1 standard, and should accept all parts designed to that standard, with the exception of:
Magazine Release – We use a proprietary design, and as such all frame kits include a mag release and spring.
Mainspring Housing / Grip Safety – These parts are eliminated by our proprietary backstrap design.
Hammer – The swept back shape of our backstrap’s beavertail is designed to accommodate modern hammer profiles, and will not work with an A1-style “spur” hammer.
Barrel – Our steel rail inserts are designed to accept a Wilson/Nowlin style ramped barrel and will not work with Clark/Para or non-ramped barrels.

What calibers will you offer? Can I build a ____ caliber 1911?

At launch we will be focusing on 9mm and .45 ACP top ends.

The Liberty 1911 frame accepts standard single stack 1911 magazines and our steel rail inserts are cut for a Wilson/Nowlin ramp barrel. If your caliber of choice is available in that magazine & barrel configuration then you should be able to build your Liberty 1911 in that caliber.

Can I do testing & evaluation? / Review the Liberty 1911 for my YouTube channel? / Get a sample for a magazine article?

Please send a proposal, including samples of previous work, and social media subscriber & engagement details, to ATTN: Marketing. When we get to that stage of the product launch we will review them all.

Can I become a dealer?

So we can focus on bringing the Liberty 1911 to market and giving great support to our customers Brownells and the Glockstore are serving as both dealers and distributors at this time. We may reevaluate this policy in the future when we have the resources to properly support a dealer network.

What press resources are available?

Visit for copies of our press releases and high quality images for use in print.